The Benefits of Massage to Inspire Positive Thinking

The Benefits of Massage to Inspire Positive Thinking

Massage is known to be both a pain reliever and mood lifter. In fact, scientific research has shown that massage therapy significantly reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. So not only does receiving a massage make your body feel better, but it activates hormonal changes that triggers the body’s feel-good receptors at a cellular level.

Massage Therapy in Albuquerque
Health Work – Yoga and Massage Therapy utilize a holistic approach to massage services combing ancient healing and modern techniques in restoring the mind, body, and spirit. Many people seek the physical benefits that massage offers but also enjoy the euphoric sensation that massage can induce. This tranquil state occurs from of a reduction of the body’s serotonin levels that help maintain a balanced mood and increases focus as well as positive thinking. Massage therapy facilitates an experience that promotes energy circulation and a rejuvenated mindset.

Thai Yoga Massage
Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing therapy that combines yoga and Indian Ayurvedic practices. It differs from traditional massage in that yoga poses are an integral part of this Eastern massage technique. The yoga practitioner gently manipulates and stretches the body allowing it to open up, feel lighter, and more relaxed. Through the assisted yoga poses, low impact rhythmic movements, and deep breathing, the experience is similar to a slow fluid dance in which the body is in constant motion. As the hips and shoulders open and the spine begins to lengthen, the soothing repetition of moments allows the client to focus on breathing and experience a sense of calm similar to a deep meditative state.

Hot Stone Massage
Originally used in Chinese medicine, the ancient therapy of hot stone massage involves laying heated, smooth stones on key points of the body. As the stones glide along the total length of the body, their centralized warmth and weight gently soothe the muscles. Traditional massage techniques are used while the stones are set in place which enhances the overall experience and increases the feeling of pleasure as the body responds to the natural warmth of the stones. This comforting, warm full-body relaxing massage can be mildly sedating and is described as an intensely relaxing and tranquil experience.

Health Work – Yoga and Massage provides formative massage therapy sessions that allow clients to leave with an invigorated spirit. The sophisticated therapeutic approaches employed are focused on detoxifying the body and expanding the mind. Health work is committed to reducing manifest internal imbalances and strengthening both physical and mental personal wellness through the therapeutic healing of massage.