Beginner Yoga Course

Yoga Class

 Beginners Yoga Course!

Learn the Essentials of Yoga and Attend Your Next Yoga Class with Confidence!

There are many important points that are often skipped in a yoga class due to large size yoga classes and mixed levels, which makes it difficult for an instructor to mention some of the most important aspects in a yoga practice; like for example, the breathing (different from regular breathing), body alignment, Drishti (one point focus), bandhas (locking or engaging certain areas within the body), and much more. Without these practices mentioned above, the yoga practice is incomplete.

Learn the important aspects of yoga mentioned above and much more, from an experienced yoga teacher!

  • The course will go on for five (5) weeks
  • The cost will be $275.00
  • Early bird (2 weeks prior to start date) $250.00
  • The start date is January 29, and ends February 26
  • We will meet twice a week

This exciting new course is presented by Healthwork Yoga and Massage Therapy, our sister website.

Booking service coming soon.  To sign up or learn more, please call or text (505) 235-8032

Tone Jackson

Namaste, my name is Tone Jackson; I am a licensed massage therapist and a certified yoga teacher, in addition, I have been a Thai massage therapist and practitioner since 2004. It is always inspiring to me to see the results and the healing benefits of Thai massage and to share this ancient healing modality with my clients is truly an honor.

My work and experience come from a lifetime of practice and years of experience as a certified yoga teacher and a licensed massage therapist. My work is based upon the knowledge from the ancient healing standpoints, modern therapeutic science, and additionally from a personal experience of living a healthy and yogic lifestyle.


Yoga Teacher Since – 1991

Massage Therapist Since – 1994

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist & Practitioner Since – 2004

Years of Practicing Yoga – Almost a Lifetime

328 Adams St. SE Suite A Albuquerque, NM 87108

(505) 235-8032