Take Care of Yourself Post-COVID with a Relaxing, Professional Massage

Take Care of Yourself Post-COVID with a Relaxing, Professional Massage

Even though the latest news says the U.S. is headed towards more possible lockdowns and mask mandates have been put back into place in most states, there is still a large chunk of the American population that believes the COVID-19 pandemic is in its wind-down stage. And, yes, even amidst daily relentless reports concerning the new so-called “Delta” variant of the virus, people are still eager to get back to the way things were prior to a year ago.

If you have been itching to break that sensation of cabin fever you may have been feeling for over 12 months, there’s no better way to begin taking care of yourself and returning to normal than a professional massage. Indeed, in no way are we making light of the stress that the pandemic has caused in many people – but we can wholeheartedly say that personal care is an important factor in relieving that stress.

The last couple of months, in particular, have felt like a roller coaster what with the ever-changing rules, recommendations and warnings about COVID-19, and the stress of dealing with mostly contradictory advice has disrupted lives to the point that even the daily routine can feel overwhelming. Therapeutic massage can offer relief from a long list of medical symptoms and conditions, as well as provide an essential immune system boost, lowering of stress level and reset for the nervous system.

Trained massage therapists understand the human body and its inner workings, yet it’s still important to provide your massage therapist with as much information as possible regarding how you’re feeling; in this way, he or she can focus on the right areas using the right modalities.

And remember: It’s okay to visit a professional massage therapist Albuquerque to get a massage just because “it feels good.”

According to all the medical research our therapists have studied, two negative swab tests on consecutive days are considered as the “all clear” – meaning self-isolation can end and a patient can theoretically begin having contact with others, including with massage therapists. Massage will speed up the recovery process and remains a wonderful medium to get rid of tightness from all the COVID coughing, sneezing and muscular pain.

During the recovery phase, massage that includes percussive or tapotement techniques may be helpful in breaking up and moving mucus into the bronchial tubes; other benefits include the aforementioned reduction of stress and relaxation of chronically short or tight muscles that are involved in breathing. Massage also addresses all the symptoms associated with spending long hours working at a desk from home.

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